Outlined are areas which through partnership with your organization, we can create opportunities for Transformation of African People, Communities and Industry.

Opportunities for Transformation of Persons

Partner with us in enabling access to transformative education by bright students from poor backgrounds. These are the earmarked agents of change to communities. The will strive for professional excellence and be of service to the community.

Opportunities for Transformation of Communities

Partner with our Community Service Center (CSC) in improving living conditions of diverse communities in Kenya. The Center works with schools, health centers, orphanages, homes for the elderly, rehabilitation centers and other community based projects in enabling access to essential facilities and nurturing service oriented leaders.

Opportunities for Transformation of Industry

Hold a thematic forum/conference in line with your industrial priorities. You could also consider establishing a Professorial Chair which will cater for costs, annual or multiyear for academics holding some expertise in a particular field. The academics will teach and supervise research in that particular field for a specified period of time. The Professorial Chair will bear your company’s identity.

Opportunities for your Brand’s Presence

Have your name on a preferred room in any of the new University facilities. This will provide your brand with prime visibility in areas of high student traffic. Brand presence is also assured for participation in Strathmore events.

Opportunities for Fulfilling Careers

Access Strathmore’s graduates’ database, participate in Strathmore’s career fair and market your company to potential staff, host public lectures branded by your company and build corporate loyalty among current and potential clients.

Opportunities for Research & Development

Facilitate research in areas of your company’s interest in partnership with a respective Strathmore University Faculty or School.